The Educative Community of Don Bosco Matric Hr.Sec. School Pannur wishes you goodness, happiness and wellness.  We are glad and lucky because we are breathing now.  With gratitude we humbly bow before nature, the ever great teacher of humanity.  Man after decades has begun to enjoy nature in its fullness.  Waking in the morning with the singing of cuckoo and spending leisure time in the evening with the chirping of birds and laughter of children at home and this has become order of the day during this lockdown period. 

Surrendering to God is the best thing a person could do right now.  God is with us always.  He cares for us and He carries us through all tough times.  I am privileged to join you all in thanking an ever Loving God.  Mutually we all miss the regular learning moments in the class room ambience.  But the hope in nature and God that we nurture and love respectively, will not let us down, for we will all emerge out of this situation culling out the needed lessons for our life. 

May we never tire in doing good and fostering fraternity.  Let us become the models and angels of change in our society.  I dream of a situation where the teachers love to be at school and the students long to come to school.  St. John Bosco and Mother Mary are our living and loving persons who walk with us always on our journey towards sanctity and holistic formation. 

Br. Antony Samy sdb