[eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Decorum”]The school uniform is compulsory on all working days and for all the school functions. Pupils should come to school neat and tidy. Their hair should be well combed.[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Punctuality and Attendance”]

  1. Students must be punctual for class on every working day. Late comers should not enter the class without the written permission of the Principal. No pupil may absent himself/herself without prior permission.
    Absence will be indicated in the attendance register in the following ways:

    • I. If the student has submitted leave letter ‘l’.
    • If the student has not submitted leave letter ‘a’
    • Leave for all celebrations and functions should beapplied in advance by parents in person. No absentee should enter the class without the written permission of the Princilpal.
  2. A student absenting himself / herself from school for 5 days in succession without permission will be marked
    ‘LEFT’. If he/she is to be re-admitted he/she will have to pay readmission fee of Rs. 300/-
  3. Students absenting themselves without prior written permission from Principal on annual day celebrations,
    annual sports day celebrations and on opening and closing days of the term of after special holidays like
    Christmas, Deepavali, Pongal and other holidays are liable to lose their place. If the absentee is re-admitted
    he/she will have to pay re-admission fee of Rs.300/- Only in case of sickness, leave may be obtained before class commences and a Medical certificate should be produced.
  4. All the applications for leave should be made in writing with the signature of the parent or legal guardian of the pupil and should reach the Principal before the commencement of the class. Oral or phone messages will not be accepted.
  5. Study holidays are not permitted before any exam.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Withdrawals”]

A week’s notice in writing is required for obtaining transfer certficate of a pupil. The requisition should be made by the pupil’s father. If the father is no more, then the mother’s signature is necessary.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Conduct in the Classroom”]

  1. At the first bell all must move towards the place of assembly and remain at the allotted place in order and silence. Each session begins and ends with a common prayer for the whole school. A devout posture is expected from everyone during prayer.
  2. In the classroom, place is allotted to each pupil by the class teacher, and no one may change it by oneself.Likewise, no one may move from place or go out of the classroom without proper permission.
  3.  When teachers or persons to whom respect is due, enter the class or leave it, the students are required to stand up spontaneously and greet them respectfully.
  4. Silence is very conductive to quiet reflection and study both for oneself and others. Hence, if anyone wants to ask questions or doubts or discuss matters of study with the teachers or classmates the permission of the supervising teacher is necessary.
  5. Loud talking or clapping of hands or any disturbance to other classes is never permitted. For oral recitation or singing or anything else that is liable to cause disturbance to other classes, students should be taken outdoors.
  6. In the absence of the teacher, the class leader immediately takes charge of the class and reports the fact to the Principal, with the help of the assistant leader. Pupils are expected to study their lessons in strict silence and seriousness in the absence of a teacher.
  7. No one may take up any collection or any penalty without the authorization of the Principal. No presentation of gifts either by pupils or by parents to teachers, nor any demonstration of any sort towards the teachers may be done without the permission of the Principal.
  8. Pupils are not permitted to remain in the classroom except during the class hours. Exceptions need special permission.
  9. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. It is not advisable for them to bring money or valuable articles to the school.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Conduct outside the Classroom”]

  1. Every pupil should try to keep up the high tone of the school by excelling in good manners and exemplary
    behavior towards the staff and the students.
  2. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of homework, stealing, disobedience and disrespect towards members of the staff, or bad moral influence justify dismissal. Pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their conduct both in and outside the school.
  3. No books, magazines, newspapers or pictures other than the prescribed ones, may be brought into the school premises witness the permission of the Principal. Likewise articles liable to prove a source of disturbance
    such as crackers, water pistols, cell phones, transistors, electronic games, colour powders paints, etc… may not be brought into the school premises.
  4. Scribbling on the walls or furniture or floor is to be strictly avoided. Any damage to school property including games and sports equipment will have to be made good. The decision of the Principal/administrator regarding the amount to be paid as fine.
  5. Dangerous or harmful games and amusements are strictly forbidden.
  6. After the classes or any function, the pupils must go out of the school premises in an orderly and disciplined
  7. During school hours pupils may leave the premises only with the permission of the principal and after informing the class teacher.
  8. Pupils are not allowed to use the school address to receive letters or other correspondence.
  9. Pupils suffering from contagious diseases are not permitted to attend school.
  10. All pupils are responsible to the school authorities for their behaviour outside the school too. On their way
    to and from school, they are expected to behave in arefined manner.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Parents Co-operation”]

Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline from children. They should check the diary for any remarks and note the home work given.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Concerning Homework”]Homework is given with a purpose.

  •  ‘To provide exercise, to increase progress and to acquire skill.
  • To test and ascertain the progress and skill acquired. Parents should make sure that his/her child does the home work every day.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Examinations”]

  1. Pupils absent for examinations without prior reasons will be considered as being failed. Pupils absent for
    any examination for any reason whatsoever will not be reexamined. The marks obtained in the Quarterly, Half-
    Yearly and Annual examinations will be considered for promotion.
  2. Progress Reports showing the application of the pupils and their results will be given to the parents after every
    terminal examination on open day. Parents or guardians are requested to examine the progress report carefully
    and see that their wards make a special effort to study those subjects in which they are weak. They should
    attend the open day held after every terminal exam.
  3. Pupils who have not paid the fees will not be permitted to attend the examination.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Malpractice”]

  1. A student, caught copying or indulging in any other malpractice, will not be allowed to take a subsequent
    examination until the Principal grants him written permission to take the other examinations. Such a student must bring his/her parents to the Principal. A fitting punishment will be meted out to the student according to the discretion of the Principal.
  2. Irregular attendance. habitual idleness or neglect of duty, long absence without leave, disrespect towards
    the members of the staff, indocility to correction, stealing, immoral influence or any other grave fault deemed as such by the school authorities justifies dismissal from school.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”House System”]

  1. To promote healthy competition among the students in all the activities of the school, both curricular and extra-
    curricular, and also to foster qualities such as loyalty and leadership, students are classified on the basis of age
    into seniors, juniors and sub-juniors. All the students are divided into four houses.
  2. General knowledge, quiz, exhibitions, fancy-dress, dramatics, elocution, recitation, music and drawing
    competitions are conducted on house basis.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Participation in Games and Functions”]

  1. Every pupil must take part in school games and other activities unless declared physically unfit or exempted
    by the Principal. Attendance at official school functions like Annual Day, Sports Day, Independence Day, etc., is

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Concerning defaulters, accidents and excursions”]

  1. The school accepts no responsibility if the pupil is obliged to return home during class-hours for not wearing the
    school uniform, for not bringing books to class, for not producing the signature of parents on remarks written by
    teachers or on the absence record in the calendar, for indiscipline and for repeated late-coming.
  2. The school management is not responsible for accidents- minor or serious, to pupils during school hours or during excursions or outside the premises.
  3. Pupils are not allowed to meet parents or relatives or to leave the school premises during school-hours without
    the permission of the Principal.
  4. The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore every pupil should take special care of the
    diary and bring it to school; if anyone looses it, he/she should get a written authorization from the Principal to buy a duplicate diary paying the fee.
  5. The parents may meet the teachers after the school hours after getting prior permission from the Principal.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Certificates”]

  1. Special certificates will be awarded annually to those who distinguish themselves in Games, Sports, Co-curricular activities, Elocution, Singing and 100% attendance.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Change of address / phone number”]

  1. When there is change of address / phone number the parents should inform to the school office about the new
    address / new phone number.

[/elitetoggle][/eliteaccordion][eliteaccordion][elitetoggle title=”Clubs & Movements”]

We have various Clubs & Movements in our School. (JRC, Scouts, Guides, Cubs & Bul Bul).

Clubs for Boys II to IV Std
Bul Bul for Girls II to IV Std
Scouts for Boys V to VIII Std
Guides for Girls V to VIII Std
JRC for Boys & Girls IX Std